Goal setting in and outside of the gym

The secret to success is constancy of purpose 

In a modern world dominated by quick wins and fast results its easy to lose track of what it takes to truly achieve your goals. When we are bombarded with information and worse still, mis-information, it can be difficult to understand where we are going wrong when struggling to reach our targets. This can even begin to spill over into our day to day life as we look to improve our overall happiness and health.

In keeping with our determination to give you quality advice, we've detailed some simple steps and considerations you should use as a guideline when building your workout programmes and further still, advice that can be applied to every aspect of our daily lives. 

Firstly, whatever your goal may be, it needs to be sustainable in the long term. Your new body or your new way of life is not simply a 12-week programme and then live happily ever after. You must be ready to commit to the new and improved changes for your entire life otherwise it’s inevitable that you will regress back to your old ways. More often than not, this requires a change in our mindset and lifestyle rather than a short term solution. We have to understand that this an improvement that should have a positive effect on our long term future, not just for 12 weeks. When struggling for motivation it can often help to remember that the hard work you put into the gym compliments every aspect of your daily life. 

This brings us to our next point, motivation. While we all want quick results, we can often damage our motivation by trying to follow a hardcore training programme, an extreme diet or a dramatic change in lifestyle that is beyond our capabilities. A programme or plan that you simply do not enjoy is definitely not going to be helpful for reaching and maintaining your targets. Choosing a more realistic, balanced & consistent plan might mean that it takes longer for you to reach your goals, but because you enjoy it more, you’ll be more likely to stick with it in the long run. 

Above all, the best programme is the one that you can do consistently and do not have to cheat on. It is important to find a programme that suits your lifestyle, that you enjoy and that you can progress with. Your motivation will only last so long if you hate it or aren’t getting anywhere; on the flip side, seeing even just a small amount of progress will do wonders for your enjoyment and adherence so try to focus on this aspect of your results. Looking for these small wins in your fitness or overall wellbeing will always enable you to push yourself further towards your goals. However, before you start, remember to ask yourself if this is realistic for your level and lifestyle and try to apply this to each of your goals.

At Supreme Nutrition the same goes for our product selection. Find supplements that work for your goal & be consistent with them. One Diet whey shake will not set you on your way, aim for consistency through supplementation as well as diet, exercise and overall wellbeing.

Some of the key factors that will dictate your adherence are:


By finding some enjoyment from your training you’ll do it more consistently and also exert more effort. Think about what aspects of training you enjoy and try to involve this in your routine to avoid boredom. By maintaining interest in your training, this positive outlook will support you in achieving your desired goals and more importantly, improve your overall health and wellbeing. 


Your programme should promote your overall health first. The objective isn’t to break yourself on day one, think about improving your health through consistency and a programme that builds in intensity as your health and fitness improves. 


If you can see some progress, no matter how small in the beginning, then you’ll be much more likely to continue; if you can’t, you won’t. Be sure to track your performance and improvements to maintain peak levels of motivation.  


The Supreme Nutrition Team