"This summer we took Alex for a tour around the Supreme Nutrition facilities. Since we work hard to maintain our BRC AA Grade Food Standards and consistently achieve Informed Sport approval on every batch it was a great opportuntiy to show Alex what makes our products such high quality and deliver such high results."

Alex’s Favourites

Supreme Whey Protein Concentrate - Salted Caramel
Supreme Whey Protein Concentrate - Salted Caramel
£20.00 GBP
  • Over 30g of Whey Concentrate Protein Per Serving
  • Informed Sport Batch-Tested and Approved
  • High Quality Sourced Ingredients
  • Salted Caramel Flavour
  • Ceramic Filtration Process
  • Athlete Approved
High Quality Whey Concentrate - Informed Sport Verified. This high protein shake brings home over 30g of Protein per serving. Give your muscles what they need.

The first and I guess the key reason I love this product is that it helps me easily increase my protein intake throughout the day which is key to recovery and growth. The real reason I use the Salted Caramel Whey Concentrate is because I absolutely love the taste and to be honest I just like to have it as a snack during the day!

Usually I go for the Whey Concentrate at breakfast in my oats or just as a snack throughout the day. Post-training I go for a Recovery shake

I love this flavour on its own just with water or my favourite is with overnight oats.


"Football is about fine margins and quality is everything. After being recommended the brand I saw that they had the informed sport accreditations, which meant it was safe for me to drink. I passed it on to my nutritionists who checked the nutritional values and were also impressed with the attention to detail. Since then I’ve never looked back."

Alex’s Favourites

Supreme Recovery - Strawberries and Cream
Supreme Recovery - Strawberries and Cream
£38.00 GBP
  • Over 30g of Whey Isolate Protein Per Serving
  • 17g of Lean Complex-Carbohydrates (Maltodextrin)
  • 5g of L-Glutamine
  • Informed Sport Batch-Tested and Approved
  • Smooth Strawberry Cream Flavour
The ultimate recovery and lean muscle mass builder shake. Carefully crafted with a perfected ratio of Protein to Carbohydrates plus L-Glutamine to support muscle recovery. True Recovery starts here...

This is my go to product after training. It contains Whey Isolate which is super lean and great for reocovering muscles. Since it also contains lean carbohydrates and L-glutamine its perfect for my Recovery without having to make a shake of my own

Always after a tough training session or match day, nice and easy with everything I need in one shake, perfect.

Since I usually take this shake post workout I always go for water, it already contains lean complex carbohydrates so need for me to do anything complex with this one!


It was great to have Alex involved with us on a taste testing day - we take great pride in our process and we assure that all of our products are personally approved by our team of experts before it reaches you. This guarantees the smoothest and most unique tasting shakes on every batch.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain - "I loved the taste testing, it was just protein shakes all day! It was great to work with the team, we kept adjusting the flavour and texture until we reached the perfect blend"

Alex’s Favourites

Supreme Pre Workout - Bubblegum
Supreme Pre Workout - Bubblegum
£35.00 GBP
  • 300mg of caffeine per serving
  • 5000mg of BCAAs
  • 5000mg of Creatine
  • Natural Performance Enhancing Ingredients
  • Explosive Energy
  • Informed Sport Batch-Tested and Approved
Smash your Personal Best and discover your explosive side with our Pre-Workout Blend. Containing scientifically-proven ingredients to maximise your workouts, enhance your energy and support muscle growth.

I absolutely love this pre-workout, especially on those days I need the extra motivation. You can almost feel the explosive energy it gives you, just make sure you are doing an explosive workout, this stuff is the business!

ALWAYS and ONLY before a training session, I would not recommend you take it at night since not only is that a waste of the energy but you will also struggle to sleep

Absolute best way to take the pre-workout is in 200ml water with an ice cube. The ice cube is a gamechanger but because of the scoops you can just filter it into your water bottle nice and easy