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Ross Mackay, 28 years old. Once represented his country at Tennis , now CEO and co-founder of Daring Foods, one of the fastest growing food start ups globally. Daring, based in NYC, are a plant-based food business focusing on alternatives to chicken and are rapidly growing to have a strong global presence.


"Ross lives his life through a plant based diet and has seen the benefits that have impacted his life dramatically resulting in him feeling more energised daily, recovering faster from workouts and being able to push and progress further everyday. "

Ross’s Favourites

Supreme Vegan Protein - Vanilla
Supreme Vegan Protein - Vanilla
£22.00 GBP
  • 100% Plant Based Complete Protein
  • Expert Blend Of Pea, Sunflower and Pumpkin Protein
  • 31g of Protein Per Serving
  • Contains Cinnamon Bark for enhanced Antioxidant content
  • Amazing Smooth Vanilla Flavour - Unrivalled Taste
  • Contains Digezyme for digestive support and food breakdown

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The 100% Vegan Plant based protein shake is here! After years of testing, trying and testing some more we're very proud to announce our Vegan Shake. 

While being Vegan you must be more conscious of your protein intake. Its simply not true that you cannot get your daily intake of protein on a Vegan diet but it is very important to keep your eye on it, since beans typically have less protein than meat! A great solution is the Supreme Vegan Protein shake, I absolutely love the taste and it helps me maintain my protein intake

I usually go for a shake post-workout to aid recovery and then I throw it in almost everything. The flavour is so good that its great for breakfast too

If its post-workout I will opt for water but I tend to add it to everything, its tastes great with my morning oats, pancakes, flapjacks and everything in between!

Plant Based Nutrition

"As we all know nutrition is the most important factor when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. Due to Ross adopting a plant based lifestyle, protein is a key nutrient and one that he needs to be consuming daily to make sure he’s recovering from his training sessions and holding his muscle mass. This may come in the form of pulses, beans and beyond as well as taking his all important Supreme Nutrition 100% plant based protein shake with over 31g of plant protein per serving."

Ross’s Favourites