Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain - Summer Nutrition Routine

Premier league athletes are required to perform at a high pace and intensity throughout the year. To support the strains and challenges of the modern game, training and nutrition now starts earlier in the summer every year.


As nutrition and training has developed, summer downtime becomes the most important period for nutrition as Premier league teams look for all possible gains over their competition.


Today we’re looking at the latest supplements and nutrition that fuels our lead Supreme Nutrition Ambassador - Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.


Supreme Shred - The Ox’s New Favourite



If you aren’t already using our Supreme Shred then welcome to the future of fat burning! We have to say that we are very proud of our latest thermogenic blend. Tested for over a year and using a complex blend of natural ingredients we have developed our Shred to burn fat and give you the perfect energy boost, no jitters, no shakes!


Supreme Shred - What Does it Do? 


The Supreme Shred burns fat. It’s that simple. The natural ingredients work in harmony to encourage your body to use fat as an energy source. Unlike the highs and crashes of coffee or pre-workout, this energy boost is more balanced and measured making it a perfect start to your day or the ideal lift in that post-lunch slump…

The Benefits Made Easy

  • Promotes Increased Fat burning 
  • Curbs your Appetite 
  • Limits Calorie Absorption
  • Boosted immunity and Natural Energy 

How does it curb your appetite I hear you ask?

When you use our Supreme Shred, the natural ingredients send your body into a thermogenic state. This burns fat to produce energy. Since your body is using your fat stores as energy, it does not need to demand food as an energy source. Your body is using the fat reserves it already has...  


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain on Supreme Shred:




I love the shred in the mornings, I can’t get enough of it to be honest! I like to stay lean all year round since this helps me perform at my peak but of course in the summer, we all like to be a little leaner… I use the Shred in the mornings, but I think you could use it later in the day too. I just like the energy boost and the way I feel after taking it. It has replaced my morning coffee now and I recommend it to just about everyone i speak to!



Why and When Does Alex Use the Shred?


For Alex, performance is everything. All premier league footballers have their own preferences when it comes to weight and strength. In the case of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain - Lean is Everything.


We worked with Alex as much as possible to develop the Shred formula. Everything from the way it makes you feel and the way it tastes, Alex has had his say.




The Shred gives you an energy boost. So we typically recommend taking it before your workout or when you’re feeling a slump and would like a lift without the coffee shakes. However, most of us, Alex included have started replacing our coffee with the Shred. We all prefer the energy boost from the Shred but for some of us, we still love the taste of coffee, so, Shred in the morning and a decaf on hand for that “coffee” fix.


What Other Supplements Does Alex Take?


First and foremost you can read plenty more details on Alex’s Nutritional Supplements here. However, one of Alex’s original favourites always deserves a mention when we’re talking diet and premier league football.


Whey Concentrate - Salted Caramel



If you’re familiar with us then no doubt you know all about our Salted Caramel flavour. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, then we suggest you grab a tub as soon as you can. A perfected blend using locally sourced Whey Protein with salted caramel chunks. Exceptional taste and smooth blend, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything like it out there!


When Does Alex Take It?


Alex is not strict on when he takes the Whey Concentrate but it features in his diet every day. Sometimes after training or at least as a healthy snack throughout the day.


If you have a sweet tooth then this is a great way to satisfy that itch with a healthier solution.


Why Does Alex Take It?


This is a classic Whey Protein shake. Protein is integral to lean muscle building and recovery. Protein is the building block to lean muscle so if you’re training in any way shape or form you should be recovering with a high protein meal or an easy-to-drink protein shake such as the Supreme Whey Concentrate.


Supreme Nutrition Shred: Feel the energy and ignite the burn within you. 


Team SN