Rest Periods - Why and How?

When it comes to getting the most from your training sessions you have to use the right rest periods in order to target specific training zones to achieve your fitness goals.

Variables of any program such as; Intensity, repetitions, tempo, sets, frequency and volume place a demand of stress on your body. When these variables are applied in the right way alongside the correct rest periods physiological change takes place.

The below table shows your rest periods in relation to your rest interval length and recovery between workouts. 

Training Goal

Rest Interval Length

Recovery Between Workouts*

Muscular Endurance
< 70% 1RM
12-15+ reps

≤ 30 seconds

24 hours

70-85 % 1RM
6-12 reps

30-90 seconds

24-72 hours

>85% 1RM
1-5 reps

2-5 minutes

48-72 hours

>85% 1RM
1-5 reps

2-5 minutes

48-72 hours

 Rest periods and Training Goals.

Use of the above applied within a structured program will give you the results your looking for, alongside being able to measure progression made within your workouts weekly.


The Supreme Nutrition Team