Push Further With A Training Partner!

Sometimes all we need is a little push... Winter is upon us and let's be honest,  motivation is often at an all time low. The nights close in and our desire to workout closes up with it... So, just like many things in life, we need a little help from our friends...

It can often be overlooked but training partners can work wonders for your training! We've jumped into the key benefits for hitting the gym with your a friend: 


More often than not, we keep our goals to ourselves. Usually this is so nobody catches us out if we fail, but thats exactly what a training partner is for! Involving someone in your training goals will help you stay motivated - they will push you to achieve and more often than not, they'll know the best way to keep you motivated. 


Nothing keeps you motivated like a bit of competition. The beauty of competing with your friend is you can often forget you're even training! Plus, they'll often bring new ideas to the table to create a more intense and exciting workout. 

Proper Form 

Often, when we train alone we can form some bad habits with our form. This is simply because it's difficult to see where we're going wrong. Involving a partner who can take a look from a different angle is always helpful. The added benefit is they can also help you squeeze them last reps by spotting for you. 


We could go on as the list of benefits for training with a partner are almost endless (depending on the partner!!). We recommend aiming for at least 1 - 2 sessions a week with a friend who can help up your motivation and improve your form this winter!



The Supreme Nutrition Team