BCAAs - Reach The Next Level With Amino Acids

If you’ve been hitting the gym for long enough that you know your way around it, have seen growth, and want to hit the next level, there’s a supplement you should strongly consider taking. 

Supreme Nutrition has compiled a list of key reasons you should look to incorporate Branched Chain Amino Acids into your workout regime and daily routine:

Immune system

Upon supplementing your diet with BCAAs, one of the most immediate benefits is increased support to your immune system. Each time you lift weights in the gym, you are placing huge amounts of strain on your body and mind – and if your body is not at the level you believe it to be, you will see your recovery time and chance of illness increase.

As your body cannot produce all the essential amino acids it needs – especially when you exercise frequently – it is vital that you supplement your diet with them, so that you can have a fully functioning immune system to aid your training and general health.

Reduce dietary deficiencies

Many people who are on highly restricted diets – such as gluten-free, vegetarian, or prepping for competition, will all run the risk of not getting enough essential amino acids in their diet. Taking BCAAs as part of your dietary supplements will aid this.

As someone who goes to the gym around work regularly, protein synthesis should also be considered. As new muscle mass can only be built when protein synthesis occurs and old tissue is repaired whilst new muscle tissue is built, the faster you will see results – which is where BCAAs come in.

BCAAs speed up the building blocks needs to replace tissue, due to the insulin response that comes from ingesting glucose molecules found in branched chain amino acids.

Lean muscle maintenance

Any time your body takes a break from training, or you do little physical activity, you run the risk of lean muscle loss.

If you are out injured at any time, it is very important to get branched chain amino acids in your diet, as they help increase the rate of recovery in the body for reasons mentioned above – as well as maintain balanced nitrogen levels (important for a healthy immune system).


Take your workouts and training to the next level by supplementing your diet with Supreme Nutrition BCAAs – and feel the benefits of increased recovery and a fully functioning immune system. What’s more, our BCAAs are Informed by Sport, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re taking elite level supplements.

Redefine your recovery with Supreme Nutrition BCAAs today.


The Supreme Nutrition Team