The Benefits Behind Lunges

Lunges are now one of the most popular exercises for developing lower body strength and activating your glutes! Below we've gone into detail on the key benefits behind lunges and why you should be including them in your workout routines. 

1. Functional movements 

Lunges are often considered the ultimate lower body 'functional' leg exercise. 

When performing Functional movement training it doesn’t just strengthen one muscle group at a time. This form of training works several muscle groups at once resulting in your body strengthening holistically. 

2. Improved Balance

Lunges are unilateral exercises, meaning that they train one side of your body independently from the other. Their alternating between each side can greatly improve your balance and coordination. 

The squat and deadlift are bilateral leg exercises and best for overall strength and muscle building purposes. However, in comparison to lunges they simply can't deliver the same benefits for your balance and stabilization.

3. Glute Activation 

Due to the isolation mechanisms the lunge allows you to activate your glutes in a way that neutralises your other overreacting muscle groups to really bring out purpose in the movement performed and therefore results. With the correct tempo and lifting technique the glutes can be developed greatly by performing the lunge. 

4. Improved Core Stability

In terms of your core stability, nearly all weight lifting exercises help you to improve due to forcing your body to stabilise the weight and control the movement performed.  However lunges make most of these exercises appear almost insignificant in comparison. This is due to having to work hard in order to perform the correct form through the movement without your pelvic position rolling out towards the end of the exercise.


The Supreme Nutrition Team