Whey Concentrate Recipes

Our Whey Concentrate can be used in various recipes to freshen up and add a little variation to your diet. Boredom leaves us eating food that might not always be good for us so keep things exciting with the recipes outlined below. 

Due to rigorous testing and quality approvals you'll find that our Whey Concentrate mixes very well into recipes so you're not left with a lumpy mess! 

Below we've outlined some of our recipes that work great with Whey Concentrate. 

Protein Pancakes 

Great in the morning as a healthy start to do the day and a great way to add in nutritious fruit. 

Protein Porridge 

Another great way to start the morning is with this power porridge! Spice up your morning routine by including our Whey Concentrate plus fruit and nuts. We recommend blueberries, raspberries and nuts such as almonds to really bring home the nutritional value. 

Protein Energy Balls 

Keep up your healthy eating on the move with our Protein Energy Balls recipe. Super simple and they last for at least 2 weeks in the fridge making them the most convenient healthy snack you can get. 

Good luck and let us know how you get on! 


The Supreme Nutrition Team